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    Why This Forum Is Designed This Way Empty Why This Forum Is Designed This Way

    Post by Szarn on Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:16 am

    I have designed this forum in a way that is user friendly to
    everyone including those who log on using their mobile phones.
    The forum skin used is not as exciting as some others but
    uses very little kilabytes to load which means its not only
    faster but uses less of your allowable internet usage .
    Hopefully this will help to keep the bills lower.

    I have also limited the posts per page to 8. This might
    seem strange to computor users but it means that again the
    pages will load faster on your mobile and use far less data

    The best thing about all this is that anyone with a budget
    mobile even with low internal memory at 4.5 mb can still join
    in on our forum and this is all about everyone being welcome.

    There are a few tricks attached to loading photos etc
    but they are easy to learn and fun to use.
    I myself resize all my photos to approximatly 600 by 375  
    using my microsoft office picture manager before using
    the host editor on this forum to load them.

    For the large colourful text i just type what i like ,
    then highlight it , then hold down the control key while
    using the curser to click on the TEXT size ,TEXT colour
    and TEXT style one after the other.
    The more you join in the better this will be.

    Now from time to time you will find that the forum
    is totally offline. This is due to site maintenance
    and while it seems inconvenient we must remember that
    this forum is provided free of charge and we must show
    patience. Im saving to buy my own site but it takes time.
      lol!  .

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